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Promotional labels

Etykiety promocyjne

The broad array of solutions allows us to produce a variety of types of promotional labels. We have a base of over 3000 ready cut-outs, which means that the selection of a ready pattern for the client's need can be performed in a very short time. We can also produce very high-quality prints on a variety of types of materials using standard CMYK model colours, PANTONE colours, or fluorescent inks. Our offer also includes various fluorescent paper types and SANDWICH double-sided silicon labels.
Drzwi otwarte

"Open door" - used mainly in sale events with simple shapes and ellipses. We have a large selection of ready cut-outs of this type. The most popular colours are a combination of yellows and reds, which provide a bright, clear and attention-grabbing message for the potential consumer.

Etykiety typu SANDWICH

SANDWICH-type labels - allow the use of a large amount of text on the same label due to the use of a special type of backing. They are double-layered and made from double sheets of paper or film. This makes it possible to divide up the function that the label is to fulfil. The surface layer can be printed in colour for promotional slogans, while the lower layer is designated for printing of information such as contest rules. The unfastened surface layer may also be used as a discount coupon and repasted in another place. This is a perfect solution in the case of the need to include multi-lingual text. The label can also be perforated.

Etykiet typu MemoLabels

MemoLabels-type labels - this is an increasingly popular form of label advertising - stickers that can be included in any location on any surface. They are often found in press advertisements. A label made with the selected adhesive or partially deactivated adhesive allows adhesion and detachment from any surface without leaving a trace.

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